Johanna's Garb


Fabric Choices

Use woven fabrics only. Knit fabrics are not appropriate to this design process.

Use simple woven fabrics. You can use leather, corduroy, cotton velvet, or other napped fabrics; but I would wait until you have more experience with this design before venturing with fabrics that require special layout, cutting and sewing techniques.

I suggest using natural fibers, or those blends that are primarily natural fibers. I recommend linen, cotton, rayon, or a combination. Prewash and iron if needed before cutting. Most natural fiber dyes WILL run and shrink when washed for the first few times. I have had linen continue to run their color onto other items even after years of washing, so I'd suggest not making a two toned garment until you are familiar with the fabrics you are working with.

Wool will shrink even when laundered properly. It is probably not a good choice for first attempts, unless you plan on dry cleaning.

Silk is not a good choice for new sew-ers, because the material can slide a great deal when both cutting the fabric and then during the sewing process.


Most people assume that dyes were not available for any colors except earth tones — browns, tans and the like. I am not an expert on the subject, but I have seen rainbows of colors produced by natural dyes in displays at Kingdom University and other events.

Have fun! Use bright colors, or dark, or whatever you choose. I prefer using the colors you see in nature — flower tones, yes; but also ruby red, ocean blue, forest green, the golden yellow of the sunset. Other than advising you against electric tones (I don't think they flatter anyone), I would not presume to advise on color choices. I would advise against using prints until you've had the opportunity to research and decide that which would be appropriate for the garment you wish to make.